Easy to do craft that makes great gifts! FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA! If you live outside of the US, please send us a message so we can assist you with your order. thanks!

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We are located in ARKANSAS USA.  All merchandise is in the US and will ship out flat if possible so canvas will not have wrinkles or creases. All kits are checked by us personally to make sure all items are in them before we sell them. Shipping on all items is FREE to USA addresses.  We will ship to other countries, but shipping charges will be according to the USPS(please contact us before proceeding through checkout).  We offer the convenience of quick shipping.. usually within 3 business days, so no waiting!  Products that are described accurately to the best of our knowledge.  Customer service that can't be beat.

About Us

Lori Miller

store owner

Southfork Diamond Painting USA began its business venture in June 2016 to help those of us that live in the USA to acquire diamond painting kits in a quick, safe, secure manor.  We are a trusted site.  We accept PayPal and credit/debit transactions.